Friday, July 31, 2015

Let's Make a List!

I set a bunch of new goals for myself recently, and I am just now realizing that one of my goals inhibits the fulfillment of another. Let me explain. I set a goal to update this blog at least once every other month. This should be possible because I have a goal to read at least 2 books a month; so I can read stuff I want as well as read books from Gilmore Girls to review here. The problem lies in another goal to only watch one hour of television or one movie per day. I need to rewatch more episodes of Gilmore Girls to compile my list of books to read, yet I'm also stuck on watching another television series currently. I can only pick one or the other each day; I don't have enough time allotted to myself to watch an episode of each!

Maybe you can help. That is, if there is anyone left checking in on this blog occasionally. If you happen to watch an episode of Gilmore Girls would you be willing to write down each book (or even short story) mentioned? I'm also interested in any titles you can read in Rory's hands that may not be mentioned in dialogue. Sometimes the camera moves too quick, but sometimes you can figure out what she's holding! To keep this list organized I'd like to know which season and episode the books came from as well. 

I know there are some lists out there on the internet that claim to list all of the books Rory read, but I have yet to find one that references where in the series they showed up. I'd like to change that. Anyone willing to help compile this thorough list of books?

(Just so you know - I've read and written about all 4 in the pilot episode.)

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