Saturday, January 17, 2015

Copper Boom!

Happy New Year! I'm not sure I have any readers left since I haven't posted on this blog for a while (cough - threeandahalfyears), but I've been having the feeling it is definitely time to revisit this little project of mine.

This last year I have been able to find plenty of time to read my tried and true favorite books that reside on my shelf, but I have had little budget to add to my collection. I know libraries can help fill this need, but I haven't been proactive enough to seek out a branch that is the most convenient to my current routine, and in all honesty, I like to be selfish with my books. I want them to be mine. I don't want them to smell like a stranger's dirty hands. I don't like dealing with someone's dog-eared pages and broken bindings. I don't like the pressure of having to read a large novel before the due date on a check-out slip, even if the option of renewing the book is available. I like to place each book I have finished reading on my shelf like a literary trophy for all to see.

My budget for books this year, at least right now, is still pretty skint. Alas, I will be heading back to a library very soon because I am just that motivated to read books I haven't already read 10 times.

In order to really make this blog work for me I think I need to revamp it a little. I want to make it easier to understand what books I have read, what I'm planning on reading next, and where each book shows up in the Gilmore Girls series (as a reminder, I'm not choosing these books off of a list I found online; I am watching each episode of the TV show and writing the list myself). I also want to make sure I fine tune my labeling system so that it's easy to find different categories. Want to find out which books were mentioned in season 3? Boom - there will be a label for that. Novels? Another label. You get the idea.

Part of this revamp will probably include some changes to the titles of previous posts, but I don't anticipate anyone will care about that. I mean really, if you haven't gotten upset that I have neglected this blog then you're probably not going to be upset that I'm making changes to previous content.

So, come along for the ride if you wish. You can read along with me and leave comments with your take on each book, or just read the blog for a bunch of spoilers on the books you'll never get around to. Whatever interests you. My personal goal is to read at least two books per month this year, though I can't guarantee that every book I read will be for this blog, I do want to make this project a priority again. "Copper boom!"

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