Monday, May 16, 2011

Book Number 5

Alright! Now That I've finally finished reading all books from the very first episode of Gilmore Girls, I am going to break the pattern and skip around as I please. I think this will help with the speed of the blog - allowing me to pick what seems most appealing at the time. I have also broken another pattern with this post already - usually I open with a quote from the episode that introduces the book I have chosen to read, but tonight I decided to keep watching the show chronologically (I'm currently watching Season 2), and didn't feel like skipping back to Season 1 to get the quote. So for now you'll have to be satisfied with me just giving you the title straight out:

The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

The Metamorphosis is actually a short story, and a very quick read. I read it once in college and found it kind of humorous, so decided it would be a good book to take with my on my recent weekend getaway (home!). It's so short I actually finished it before my flight was over, and still had time for a nap - so get reading, because I'm already ready to post my thoughts on it!

I promise I'll include the quote from the episode in my next post.

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