Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'll Prove You Wrong

I'd be willing to bet that there are those of you out there who think that I'll never get through every work of literature ever mentioned by the Gilmores, let alone get through the likes of Moby Dick.

My life has been busy - of course, that's no real excuse; anybody can make time for something as simple as reading a book or two. And now that my life is settling in to a routine I should be able to make reading more of a regular thing. I used to LOVE to read. In fact, one time I was sorting through an old "keepsakes" box I had from elementary school and came across a report card from 1st grade. I don't have the report card in front of me now, but it said something to the effect of: "Melissa spends a lot of time reading; we're working on diversifying her interests." Okay, I KNOW that my teacher didn't use the word diversifying... but nonetheless, the message she conveyed was that I spent too much time reading. I remember being a little mad when I found that report card, I mean, why would a teacher want to discourage a 6 year old kid from reading? Was it affecting my ability to interact with other students? I doubt it... I remember having plenty of friends in 1st grade. Was I trying to read during, let's say, math? I don't know.

Reading has always been a big part of my life. So much so, that I actually don't remember learning how to read, I just remember knowing how to read. My parents read to us kids a lot when we were little and we had books on record that I remember listening to. Yep - I said record. Pre-book-on-tape! My parents still have the 45's in a box at their house. I'd read along to Brer-Rabbit, The Three Little Pigs, and Sleeping Beauty. When we did advance in the technological world I'd read and listen to books on tape about Grover from Sesame Street with titles like When Is Saturday? Italic

One time when I was still in elementary school I remember spending hours laying on the couch reading some paperback chapter book (I have no idea which book); I started the book that day, and was determined to finish it before dinner. When I was about halfway through the book my older sister (who was most likely in high school) came and joined me on the couch, laying along side me. She flipped open to the start of my book (while I was still reading in my spot) and began reading. Eventually, she caught up to me, got up and moved to lay to the right of me and read on ahead, finishing the book at least an hour before me! I remember making it a goal to learn to read as fast as she did.

The only reason that I can think of for not reading as much as I used to is college. Once I chose a major and made studying a priority I made a rule for myself that I couldn't read any books for fun during the semester, because if I did I'd be tempted to read for fun when I was supposed to be reading my textbooks. The rule paid off, and I did rather well in school. The only problem is that the rule has seemed to turn in to a bad habit of not reading when I'm busy with other things. Sigh. I'm going to change that... reading will once again be a good habit that'll make 1st grade teachers wonder why I can't tear my eyes away from the page long enough to diversify my interests.

So for those of you who doubt that I'll finish what I've started...I'll prove you wrong.

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The Pollocks! said...

Aaah, I love reading! I've got When is Saturday in our car's tape player right now! =) (Trouble is, most of the books have disappeared!) You should hear Sami read - it's awesome! She started "sneaking" a book to bed, but I told her she doesn't have to sneak it - I love that she wants to read at night - she just has to stop after a couple pages since she doesn't have a reading light!